The highs and lows of an office tea club

Working From Home

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Today is a working from home day.  The coffee is wonderful,  the kitchen is clean and no one is having a tantrum, or at least not anyone over the age of three…  However it is important that homeworkers don’t get too carried away doing actual work when they have escaped from the office zoo for a day.  Regular distractions are provided by email and phone, to prevent you from concentrating on the report you took home to complete.

Todays daft email gems involve birthday cakes being left in the kitchen, a lost pair of glasses, and the regular fire alarm test being cancelled.  As if you care.  Then there are the phone calls; the mundane – where is the blah blah policy? to the ridiculous.  Can you just update the completely fucking pointless report by close of play? you only need to do your  bit of it.  Absolutely bloody fantastic if “your bit” of the report happens to be 25 pages long.

And what is with close of play anyway? What kind of moron uses phrases like that.  And you know, you just know, that after have busted your guts to complete the sodding report on time, in the full knowledge that you will now be doing the work you had planned for today on Sunday instead, nobody, but nobody will read it. And you could have done it on Monday.




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