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Love and Marriage

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Well Mr Jacs (my Rob) must have done something right for Valentines Day.  Our Jacs is positively wreathed in smiles.  She has also been making a point of warning everyone she sees  that “she” is in a real sulk this morning.  Unfortunately she doesn’t make it clear who “she” is so we are all left to guess.

Apart from that Valentines seems to have passed most folk by, though Keith in finance was overheard making several phone calls to try to find a restaurant that wasn’t fully booked, and the Chairman arrived for the board meeting and loudly declared that he hoped that the agenda wasn’t too long, because he was taking Mrs Chairman out for the evening.  Perhaps Keith could take home the left over sandwiches and suggest a romantic picnic….

The mystery sulkee hasn’t been identified, but the cause of Jacqui’s happiness has.  She was seen to be looking at Mother of the Bride outfits online, and it seems that her daughter’s Boyfriend is planning to propose this evening.  Being a nice lad he asked My Rob for permission, and he let on to her this morning.  Cue beaming smiles. From Jacqui.  The rest of us are wondering how long we will have to endure all the details. Still at least the matter of the dirty Kitchen  has been forgotten.  For now.



Photo credit: Sean Molin Photography / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


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