The highs and lows of an office tea club

Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

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There is little love lost in Teaclub 925 today.  Jacqui still has the hump, because no one has followed her instructions to put their name on their food in the fridge and so there is unclaimed salad dressing, cream cheese and three half used tubs of low fat spread that are still just loitering, much to Jacqui’s chagrin.  She is promising to throw them away by the end of the day unless they are claimed.  Brave Katie from the governance team suggested that they might belong to people who weren’t in yesterday and so don’t yet know of Queen Jacqui’s requirement to label everything.  Alas her intervention was in vain.  “I don’t believe that”, harrumphed Jacqui “I’m sure that salad dressing is Claire’s and she was in”.

Meanwhile Viv who went to M&S at lunchtime to select a Valentine’s supper for her and her boyfriend tomorrow night is growing nervous that her carefully selected purchases will be thrown away by a rampaging Jacqui.  Consequently she has labelled every item, the bag her food is in, and put a big note on the front of the fridge making it clear that her food is NOT TO BE THROWN AWAY.

“I’m not that bloody stupid”, Jacqui said testily when she saw the note.  “And she had better take that lot home with her tonight, we need the space for sandwiches for the board meeting tomorrow”.

Well obviously she is going to take her food home.  That’s why she bought it.  Please let interflora deliver something appropriately impressive to Jacs before work tomorrow.  Or we will all suffer the consequences.


One thought on “Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

  1. Oh I just love this blog. I (like most of us I’m sure) used to work in an office where the kitchenette politics were equally hilarious. I almost miss it, now being a stay-at-home mum. But surely that makes me the mad one with kitchen rules that everybody thinks are ridiculous & unnecessary. Oh well, I am enjoying wearing that crown, and a 5 year old and a 2 year old are unable to challenge me and my rules, so I shall forge ahead with vigour.

    I will look forward to reading all of your adventures 🙂

    Erika @ thislittlepretty.blogspot.com xx

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