The highs and lows of an office tea club

The Pancake Race

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Our annual charity pancake race took place at lunchtime. Competitors have to run from the main entrance to the cafe, flipping their pancakes at least 5 times along the way. Time penalties are added on for under-flipping, or dropping the pancake.

Irritatingly, Pete the sleaze, finds the event is an excuse to bring out his repertoire of tosser jokes. These comments about the biggest tosser, or who can have the quickest toss, would have shamed Bernard Manning in 1973, but of course that doesn’t stop Pete repeating them every year.

Most of the women conveniently forget about the race and arrive for work in tight skirts and high heels. “I would take part but I can’t, not in these shoes”, they wail.   As there is still snow on the ground, this excuse is pretty see through.  These dollies usually use bad weather as a pretext to come to work in Ugg boots, so it is a surprise to see them in heels.  The men, on the other hand, are equally transparent.  They pretend to have forgotten all about it, but just happen to have their trainers and gym kit with them….

Of course the real purpose of the race is to eat lots of pancakes raise money for the local hospice, and so while them men limber up for the race, Jacqui organises the sale of pancakes.  This would have gone better if fewer people had gone to the café for coffee and a toasted teacake during the morning’s tantrum.

The race got underway, and despite cheating, by joggling some of the other competitors mid-toss so that they dropped their pancakes, Keith from finance was declared the winner.

We raised £148 and 50p for the local hospice from the sale of pancakes. And Pete is still a tosser.


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